Afternoon sex…

Let it rain all day…. These two have so much fun playing…check them out.  Nervous chatter out of the way and let the real games begin. I’m inspired to buy some toys today…  I’ll update when I find something just perfect…. Update:  gotten nowhere on toy shopping.  Been lost in porn, filing this one away […]

Feed me Cock

I woke up this morning, wishing i could get my lips around a hard cock, gag on something real. I stumbled upon this video and can’t wait to give a bj like this. I am such a horny girl and sometimes the only way to feel satisfied is to get let my lips and tongue […]

Lifting large heavy objects

Sometimes I need need a man around the house to help with things I can’t take care of alone.  This week, a friend came over to replace my giant tv on the wall.  Rumor has it he packs a giant thing of his own so I knew he could handle getting his hands around it […]

Day of Leisure

A relaxing day before the holidays begin and I’m horny…already planning the self play I have in store for myself.  Being alone all day and things can get out of hand so I like to take my time, delay my satisfaction. I’m watching this right now.   Call me and tell me if you you could […]

Freaky Friday

Thankfully you are trailing my blog…sharing my fetishes. I was turned on to this video the other day. These two are so connected and he’s rather brutal. I must admit I went back to it this morning….well…because it’s freaky friday!

Sexy stockings

Definitely a favorite fetish of mine….stockings and lingerie.  Legs are so smooth and silky wrapped in stockings and a pointed toe in nylon is gorgeous.  I love the foot job these ladies give his man….a leg job even. Check out the sexy action here. Call me now: your first 3 minutes are FREE at NiteFlirt.

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