Long tease and denial gets rewarded

I’m traveling again this week so you’ll have to do without me for a few days.  Once again I’m going to stare guys down as they watch my breasts jiggle on the runway.  I have a deep v-neck sweater planned for just that purpose today. Since you will clearly suffer without me (and without release) […]

The purpose of proper training

Studs serve an important purpose.  You can rely on them to perform with vigor, enthusiasm and consistency.  I want the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor coming down the hall to make your cock stiffen.  You aren’t sure exactly what is in store for you but you know that your erection will play […]

Continuing Education

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7TDqKiB8bY] Important adult education for any man.  Call me for extra credit assignments.

Annual check up

You know you should take better care of yourself.  I’m sure if you were greeted at the doctor’s office with this scenario, you would sign up for more regular visits – regardless of your insurance status.  Make sure you always get your regular check ups…  You wouldn’t want your “important parts” to stop working properly, […]

She's out shopping

Am I right?  Did she leave you at home today with some peace and quiet while she staggers through crowds shopping madly on this black Friday?  Are you grateful for getting a pass on that mayhem? Sit back, relax and enjoy what could happen to you today while the wife is away but keep your […]

Things I'm thankful for

Porn. Everyone likes a different style of porn and there’s plenty out there to suite us all.  Personally, I like porn to be amateurish, filmed on a stationary camera, grainy video and hopefully the result of two peoples’ lust for one another.  POV is only fun on great hj/bj vids (I’ve linked to a few […]

On his next stop…

As you know, the inevitable happens.  I found myself going back several times study his hip thrusting. Sometimes it seems that his body took over and he didn’t have any control of his movements.  She was smart to keep him on his toes. And then he makes those lovely noises. I would file this in […]

The Whiner…he's back

Same guy, different girl…you may recognize his whining, gasping, crying and pleading from previous posts I’ve made here.  I just love hearing him…  will you whine like him? I’m relaxing…waiting for something interesting to play with tonight.

I imagine this for you

Pack yourself in.  I wish to assume that all men I see are restrained in their pants with one of these.  That makes me much more likely to flash my breast or my thigh at you.  I know that you’ll strain in that tight package, needing to explode.  Your need to release fires my need […]

I'm in a mood

I’m in a mood tonight….want to get my satisfaction and get on with it.  I don’t care much about your needs, it’s all about mine.  I’ve had one of those days at work so I would love to take it out on some poor guy.  This woman is cold and brutal as she straps one […]

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