Freaky Friday

Thankfully you are trailing my blog…sharing my fetishes. I was turned on to this video the other day. These two are so connected and he’s rather brutal. I must admit I went back to it this morning….well…because it’s freaky friday!

Diary of a Slut

Some days I feel like I could keep my own slut diary, complete with cuts of me confessing my feelings spliced with scenes of my transgressions.  Fortunately, I have no guilt about what goes on inside me.  A furious fire beneath the surface. Check out this diary of a slut.  What would go in your […]

Riding her

Early riser gets the worm. This girl got even more. Only improvement i would have made is gagging her. 😉 I love how he rides her, rocks on her–she’s got a terrific round ass for him to do it on. Check out this drunk girl getting pounded.  I’ve seen the video posted under different titles before.  […]

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