Forced Glory Hole

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly evil, I talk about a forced glory hole. Imagine being forced by your Miss to push through a glory hole, not knowing what will happen to your dick on the other side. If you’re scared, just imagine my warm breasts pushed up against your back, my hips pushing against your […]

I'm in a mood

I’m in a mood tonight….want to get my satisfaction and get on with it.  I don’t care much about your needs, it’s all about mine.  I’ve had one of those days at work so I would love to take it out on some poor guy.  This woman is cold and brutal as she straps one […]

Whiners, please do apply here

I love a whiner, I love mocking them.  I love a whimper and a sigh.  I like when boys make that girlish shriek of desperation. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this  in my diary.  Perhaps I can add a mild version of Dacryphilia to my list of kinks.  I do love the sobbing.  […]

Toy cock in a bag: Useful

Now why do I find this cuckold teasing video so sexy?  First she’s got her man in rubber, cock hanging out and she uses it while he strains and moans.  Then she uses him as a base for a banging she gets from guy number two.  This is more than just average sexy… Woke up […]

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