Face sitting plus 1

This is something I could do… Could you?  Forced face-sitting is something I hear about a lot and most boys would die for this experience–even the “big daddy” out there secretly wants this.   It also reminds me to go out today for some new stockings.

Proper Work Attire

A gentleman is always properly dressed and a bona-fide stud horse reluctantly is too.  Odds are that when I’m in a stadium or dashing through the mall at least some of you are rigid and attentive in your pants.  If you are wise, you have the right accessories to make sure things don’t get out of hand […]

She's got clients waiting…

He better produce alot, she says…  seems like a regular routine and she has other clients waiting.   Not only is he dealing with the pressure to perform, but he’s reluctant to release, knowing it will immediately end when he does.  Poor guy can’t catch a break and she’s rather impatient. I’m sure the other clients […]

I imagine this for you

Pack yourself in.  I wish to assume that all men I see are restrained in their pants with one of these.  That makes me much more likely to flash my breast or my thigh at you.  I know that you’ll strain in that tight package, needing to explode.  Your need to release fires my need […]

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