Be my cock boy – choose your own adventure

I finally had a photo shoot last night and took some gorgeous photos.  It’s been a while and I had a ton of fun.  At one point I even got in the shower.  I’ll leave it to you to imagine those images. I also learned something funny – yet valuable (so pass this on to […]

Milking cock drop by drop

If we talk, you probably know about my desire to force you to release one squirt at a time.  Mostly I want to hear you do that – the sound of that struggle is what I’m after. This nurse takes a somewhat professional approach – and ruins three orgasms milking his cock.  So while you are […]

Goddess wants a new toy

As you know, I travel quite a bit.  In fact, I’m leaving town again tomorrow so you’ll be on your own for a few days.  Better speak with me today as your final chance. One thing I do not get to do is bring my toys with me on the road.  My favorite toy is […]

Milking John

I’ve been away again…this business travel is giving me the blues…and the men I met this week got blue balls. Feels like I could hear them frantically jerking in their rooms every night after being teased all day.  Most of the men in my group had trouble focusing on a conversation with me as I […]

Vigorous young girl

Time for Sunday release.   All week this poor guy has been in therapy but never quite got the release he needs.  Every day for 7 days she has been working him into a frenzy until his muscles go rigid and he reaches the edge.  Then she stops. But today is a new day and […]

Love the squirming

This poor guy is stressed out from the beginning…he needs to relax and quit twitching.  (so do you, I bet)  It’s not until later in the video that I recognize  this one.  If you hang around here, you probably do too. And you probably wish you were him.

Fantastic results

That’s what she says – “fantastic results”  This makes me want to put a hole in my dining room table.  Seriously. Something tells me this is the first time this 2nd boy has ever had sex.  He’s been attending special “therapy” sessions for being such a horny guy for months and months.  Weekly teasing and […]

She's got clients waiting…

He better produce alot, she says…  seems like a regular routine and she has other clients waiting.   Not only is he dealing with the pressure to perform, but he’s reluctant to release, knowing it will immediately end when he does.  Poor guy can’t catch a break and she’s rather impatient. I’m sure the other clients […]

Taking it from you, 30 minutes at a time

This video is only about 3 1/2 minutes long….no big deal.  A nice firm handjob, attention to the balls (most appreciated by me 🙂  )she just takes the cum she wants. The nice thing about really close shots is that the average viewer doesn’t know what’s going on outside the frame.  Let me clue you […]

More no hands – bonus round

I found this to be very very interesting.  no hands…but some frustrating friction until you finally cum.   i want to hear you whine as you try to get this release. If you prefer a more “hands-on” approach, i highly re-recommend this angle.  I’ve posted this crazy handjob before but by now it’s buried deep in […]

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