Less talk, more stroke

Red underwear slays me.  My show pony wears red.

Cock Harness Handjob

I talk about cock harnesses a lot and I like them for a variety of reasons.  I like how it puts the cock on display and keeps it rigid yet restrained.  I like that it looks so fucking macho.  I like that when it’s worn, the bulge in your pants is undeniable.  I like that […]

Goddess wants a new toy

As you know, I travel quite a bit.  In fact, I’m leaving town again tomorrow so you’ll be on your own for a few days.  Better speak with me today as your final chance. One thing I do not get to do is bring my toys with me on the road.  My favorite toy is […]

When there isn’t enough time…

Sometimes a premature ejaculator isn’t a bad thing, especially if you have other things to tend to than stroke off your boy or if the sole reason for the ejaculation is collecting the cum (in a jar?).  Sometimes, after hours of teasing and denial, it’s fun to quickly and clinically jerk a boy in 30 […]

You wish it wouldn’t end

You resist your orgasm for two reasons:  1) I tell you to; and 2) you know the fun is usually over after you ejaculate.  I control your orgasm for two reasons:  1) I love it; and 2) You need me to. That is all. Leave a comment with your own reasons.

In your pants

This is what I’m hoping happens to you You know I love it when you jack off in your pants….except you’re talking to me when it happens.  It’s just something you can’t control and your excitement just gets the best of you. In thinking about frustration, I imagine that having to wear an extender or […]

Do you have a jock harness?

Once again, my life has taken over and limited my attention to this site (and my readers).  I hope that you’ve been able to sustain yourself with the archives.  And by sustaining, I mean obsessing.  If you find a post with a dead link, please leave me a comment so I can go back and […]

Aren’t You a Good Boy

Poor babies….I have neglected you all for several weeks.  The truth is that I have been too busy to play with you ~ the men that serve me (in the corporate world) have required a bit more attention these last few weeks to get their jobs done right.  Sometimes I wonder if my division would […]

Another Masterpiece

Now that you are dreaming of stroking you can watch Klixen do it again.  I’ve received such positive responses  to my Klixen posts…  The way she moves her fingers is divine.  Kindred spirit, I like to say.  Remember, no touching while you watch this.  Just feel the pressure build. Edit:  It seems that the video […]

More Klixen: Light and Tender

Judging from my visit tracking data, you are all as crazy about Klixen as I am.  Did you do a mad Google search after my post a few weeks ago?  Were you exhilarated to finally know the name of this handjob Goddess?  Don’t despair boys, I’ll bring as many of her vids to my blog as possible. […]

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