Saturday Practice – Machine Milking

Restrained and drained.  The Milking of a Slave. That about sums it up. Engineering makes for a leisurely lesson.  

Misplaced Vibrator

What drew me to this video initially was all the red. Red rope, red latex strips, red latex gloves, red vibrator. There’s something about a boy in red, compromised. Evokes a fallen superhero. Me triumphant. The almost complete lack of stroke is what made his O so hot. But let’s be real, that vibe could […]

For the boy who masturbates too much

Sometimes I must put a boy on ice for a bit.  After a few days of teasing and denial, you’re ready for anything.   Including a thorough milking from your mistress.  The thing is, like me, she’s a bit devilish and yens for those noises you make when you’re desperate.  I want to push you […]

They can see your face, be careful

Many of my fantasies involve a scenario where the subject’s face is visible to the public, to a group of people, to a single person in a face-to-face conversation while simultaneously being forced to cum.  Potentially more than once, but that’s advanced. One of my favorite fantasies in this vein:  You are convinced by a […]

Tied down and forced to cum

This is  classic formula.  Like pancakes for breakfast. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Well maybe a strap around his waist to hold his hips in place.  But that’s all. In fact, when I fantasize about you, this is the only acceptable scenario right now.  Probably the best way for you to put some […]

Be my cock boy – choose your own adventure

I finally had a photo shoot last night and took some gorgeous photos.  It’s been a while and I had a ton of fun.  At one point I even got in the shower.  I’ll leave it to you to imagine those images. I also learned something funny – yet valuable (so pass this on to […]

Back to basics

Those of you who have been watching along with me for a few years know that I used to post a LOT of hand domination videos.  As I look back on old postings, I find some dead links in my blog for videos long deleted.  I could remove them, but then I’d take away your […]

Vibe Tease – oh Hush.

She’s so sweet and gentle with him, love the way she plays. And tolerates his voice. As you can imagine, I’d shove a gag in his mouth almost asap. Just so I could hear his muffled protest. And she teases his cock with vibes, relentlessly. A few new things have appeared on The Stockroom lately […]

Men on Edge… are you on the edge?

I’ve been super busy and plan to be for the next several weeks so it’s probably going to be hard for you to get a hold of me for a while.  I should be back to normal by mid-June.  Make sure you check my status though, I’ll be logging in occasionally.  Catch me if you […]

The daily office stroking continues

I’ll be around all weekend (finally) so you should be able to reach me. Fair warning, I woke up this morning and started watching porn.   I think it’s time for another visit to my office. I get such positive feedback about a recent post about your daily office cock stroking so I thought I’d […]

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