Back to basics

Those of you who have been watching along with me for a few years know that I used to post a LOT of hand domination videos.  As I look back on old postings, I find some dead links in my blog for videos long deleted.  I could remove them, but then I’d take away your […]

Tied up hand job with tears

I’ve been house hunting for a week – and in the space of 2 days I rented my current home to a nice couple and found a great place for myself out west.  I’m beyond excited to move somewhere new.  The amount of work I have to do and the money I will have to […]

The daily office stroking continues

I’ll be around all weekend (finally) so you should be able to reach me. Fair warning, I woke up this morning and started watching porn.   I think it’s time for another visit to my office. I get such positive feedback about a recent post about your daily office cock stroking so I thought I’d […]

Cock Control and Post-Orgasm Torture

A few pieces of advice before I present another video for you to go crazy over… Good porn:  I post a ton of videos here, all of them hosted free at one of the “tube” sites.  I take my research seriously and am pretty picky about which videos I post.  One thing I don’t like […]

Another under the table cock milking

Been a long time since I’ve posted so I thought today I’d jam a few things into one post. Follow along… Earlier this week, this story about a band of women forcing men to cum in Zimbabwe.  Clearly this is a band of criminals, but I know that after reading this story many of you […]

Milking cock drop by drop

If we talk, you probably know about my desire to force you to release one squirt at a time.  Mostly I want to hear you do that – the sound of that struggle is what I’m after. This nurse takes a somewhat professional approach – and ruins three orgasms milking his cock.  So while you are […]

Your standing appointment

I often talk about how if you worked in my office, you would have a standing appointment with me in my office.  I wouldn’t care if you “didn’t feel like it” or “were busy” because your attendance is non-negotiable.  15 minutes before the scheduled time every day your outlook reminder would jingle at you and […]

Forced ejaculation: one way or another

Here are two extremes rising to the same outcome.  Which line do you get in today?  Don’t get too excited watching these vids….I want you out of your mind when you pick up the phone and call me. A penis pump is a great way to force ejaculation  – and  a great way to reinforce […]

Forced milking – by hand or by machine? You choose.

I’m enjoying my weekend and hopefully spending most of my time indulging.  Gym this morning, mani-pedi later this afternoon and this evening who knows…. I’m still in the midst of my shoe fetish stage and I can’t stop buying them.  This week I was treated to the sexiest pair of heels – and they will […]

Resistance is Futile

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” –Nietzsche I’m dangerous – and YOU are my plaything.  That’s how it goes.  Can you imagine how overwhelming I can be after not playing with you for so long? This first boy follows my instructions […]

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