Cock Milking Practice!

Isn’t this a handy thing to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or glove compartment for when you need it.  You never know when you’re going to need to lasso your cock. I’m always excited when a penis pump makes it into the picture.  This boy below is stroked to two spurting orgasms – only […]

Tied and Teased

I am a huge fan of the “redux” videos (when I can find them, and before the links go dead).  Hopefully you’ll get to this post in time to view this one before it disappears.    I recommend headphones so you can get get the full effect — that effect being a raging erection.  Notice, […]

Latex Handjob

Another perfect video that carries all the elements I’m looking for in proper stud training….The ball separation (so delicious I could slip them right in my mouth), latex gloves and a squirming boy gagged and whimpering. Are you just like this? Perhaps you need some stud training. Good news: I’m recruiting.   Just more handjob […]

Dick attached or unattached. Either way I’m amused

I promise my next post will provide some good, (not)basic, (not)simple fucking.  Just indulge me for a minute. I have a fantasy about a body bag of dicks. A giant body bag of regular sized dicks. If you’ve spoken to me I may have mentioned it. Ask me about it. It might embarrass you but […]

Teasing between the thighs

How 0ften over the past 6 weeks have you checked this site to see if I have posted an update?  Did you hurry home after work with a half-throbbing boner in your pants?  Were you hoping to see an update from me – trying desperately to keep your dick from getting too hard in case […]

Another week away

My travel schedule is heating up again and I’ll be out of the country starting Monday until the weekend.  That means if you want to hear my voice you have to call me today.  I have a few things to do like get my mani/pedi, do a bit of shopping and pack my luggage but […]

Two Finger Tease

This is probably one of the hottest vids I’ve seen in a while.  I get to see a very vulnerable and private moment while a boy is slowly and delicately teased into a throbbing eruption.  You can see his balls flex and release, his muscle sliding under his skin, his hips and abs flexing and […]

Begging in the bathroom

I often get great video links from my callers and this one was provided by my darling Sam. I’m the ultimate cock tease and controller so this video is perfect for me.  This is the kind of cock ownership I like.  She walks right up to him and pulls his cock out and he has […]

She wants you to fill up the jar.

How is it that I’ve been to Texas twice in the past couple of months? This time it was Dallas which has always been one of my favorite cities. Besides the excellent gastronomy and shopping available, the nightlife is also pretty great. That being said, the women there are exactly opposite of me and it […]

How does this one end?

If she had my voice it could be me. Eerie.  Another perfect teasing handjob.  I like how she keeps repeating “that’s fucked up” in referring to what she was doing to him.  That’s something I would say. So I’m curious how part 2 (if there is one) of this video would pan out for our […]

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