It takes practice

This boy was made for me.  This could be me. (it isn’t) All it takes is practice and discipline, and you too could please me this way.    

Be my cock boy – choose your own adventure

I finally had a photo shoot last night and took some gorgeous photos.  It’s been a while and I had a ton of fun.  At one point I even got in the shower.  I’ll leave it to you to imagine those images. I also learned something funny – yet valuable (so pass this on to […]

Pounded at her massage

In the holiday spirit,  I’d like to share 3 of my favorite things with you.  While some might argue that I’m a complex woman I maintain that I’m actually very simple. Massage:  luxurious and indulgent.  I’ll almost never turn one down.  I like the candles, the oils, the long strong touch that slowly turns into […]

You wish it wouldn’t end

You resist your orgasm for two reasons:  1) I tell you to; and 2) you know the fun is usually over after you ejaculate.  I control your orgasm for two reasons:  1) I love it; and 2) You need me to. That is all. Leave a comment with your own reasons.

Is that you?

You visit my site every day…looking for a chance to imagine yourself here.

Twice as Much

We find our boy once again in a predicament.  This time with two women.  You might be wondering if that means he endures twice as much for twice as long.  I think it’s evident that he does because in order to see it all you have to watch Part 1 and then watch Part 2. Simple math. […]

Honestly, even I am too greedy

I usually hog the hitachi for myself. You’ve heard me describe it this way.  This lovely lady makes it possible for you to see it…  I love how she’s sorta disappointed that it’s over.  She plays with him for what seems like forever…this poor guy squirms and can’t stop the madness.  It looks like it […]

Annual check up

You know you should take better care of yourself.  I’m sure if you were greeted at the doctor’s office with this scenario, you would sign up for more regular visits – regardless of your insurance status.  Make sure you always get your regular check ups…  You wouldn’t want your “important parts” to stop working properly, […]

Things I'm thankful for

Porn. Everyone likes a different style of porn and there’s plenty out there to suite us all.  Personally, I like porn to be amateurish, filmed on a stationary camera, grainy video and hopefully the result of two peoples’ lust for one another.  POV is only fun on great hj/bj vids (I’ve linked to a few […]

On his next stop…

As you know, the inevitable happens.  I found myself going back several times study his hip thrusting. Sometimes it seems that his body took over and he didn’t have any control of his movements.  She was smart to keep him on his toes. And then he makes those lovely noises. I would file this in […]

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