Using a cock

This hot cock control video is close to what should happen to you.  I’d put you in a box or inside a coffee table with a hole for your cock to pop out.   I would have it at my disposal all day long…  There’s not much you could do to stop it.  Imagine your embarrassment when my […]

What a good girl does….

She wears a fishnet body stocking and gets on top.  Uses him up while he moans and pulls against the cuffs.  He looks comfy, though… A few things you might not see in the video:  he’s sitting on a butt plug and he’s got a gag shoved in his mouth shaped like a 2 inch […]

Cock tease brings great reward.

The way she uses him to get off for a full 8 minutes before he even gets a tiny bit inside her….so sexy.  I was holding my breath at that moment he finally pushed into her, when she finally yields enough to let him in.  Then, i exhaled.  After that, there’s no holding back.  Watch […]

Riding her

Early riser gets the worm. This girl got even more. Only improvement i would have made is gagging her. 😉 I love how he rides her, rocks on her–she’s got a terrific round ass for him to do it on. Check out this drunk girl getting pounded.  I’ve seen the video posted under different titles before.  […]

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