Cock Milking Practice!

Isn’t this a handy thing to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or glove compartment for when you need it.  You never know when you’re going to need to lasso your cock. I’m always excited when a penis pump makes it into the picture.  This boy below is stroked to two spurting orgasms – only […]

Misplaced Vibrator

What drew me to this video initially was all the red. Red rope, red latex strips, red latex gloves, red vibrator. There’s something about a boy in red, compromised. Evokes a fallen superhero. Me triumphant. The almost complete lack of stroke is what made his O so hot. But let’s be real, that vibe could […]

Tied and Teased

I am a huge fan of the “redux” videos (when I can find them, and before the links go dead).  Hopefully you’ll get to this post in time to view this one before it disappears.    I recommend headphones so you can get get the full effect — that effect being a raging erection.  Notice, […]

Tied up hand job with tears

I’ve been house hunting for a week – and in the space of 2 days I rented my current home to a nice couple and found a great place for myself out west.  I’m beyond excited to move somewhere new.  The amount of work I have to do and the money I will have to […]

Another week away

My travel schedule is heating up again and I’ll be out of the country starting Monday until the weekend.  That means if you want to hear my voice you have to call me today.  I have a few things to do like get my mani/pedi, do a bit of shopping and pack my luggage but […]

Whiners, please do apply here

I love a whiner, I love mocking them.  I love a whimper and a sigh.  I like when boys make that girlish shriek of desperation. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this  in my diary.  Perhaps I can add a mild version of Dacryphilia to my list of kinks.  I do love the sobbing.  […]

Who will make me a video like this?

I want you to take yourself to the edge, and then let go. Cum with no hands, like this guy. I love the way a cock looks jerking in the air, desperately trying to find any friction to take it over the edge. In some videos you can see the muscle jerking inside the skin. […]

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