Cock Milking Toys for 2015

Let’s get 2015 started right. If you and I speak regularly, chances are I’ve asked you about your inventory – sex toys you may have laying around that we can play with. If Santa didn’t bring you what you need this year, you should procure some of the basics. Start with a ball stretcher or […]

For the boy who masturbates too much

Sometimes I must put a boy on ice for a bit.  After a few days of teasing and denial, you’re ready for anything.   Including a thorough milking from your mistress.  The thing is, like me, she’s a bit devilish and yens for those noises you make when you’re desperate.  I want to push you […]

Tied-up cock tease is the best kind of torture

Um, somebody at The Stockroom has been reading my mind.  One of their newest products is the Bree Olson Cyberskin Tit Job Stroker.  From their site: Everyone loves a nice firm pair of boobs, and now you can really love Bree Olson’s scrumptious set of 34D tits with this high quality CyberSkin masturbator. Bree’s boobs are cast […]


I get plenty of emails from guys.  Most of them are to let me know ahead of time what they have in mind.  It turns out that many of you have the same fantasies as I do.  I received this one recently: Maya, Love the blog, its like you ready my mind. I would love to have […]

XXXMas in July

If the heat is starting to get to you, cool off with me and celebrate XXXMas in July. It’s a time for all of us to gorge on fetish and kink. I’ve been very very good so I expect men to treat me right this holiday. I plan on using your cock to celebrate and […]

Pump before you hump.

National Masturbation Month continues and what’s better to masturbate with than a big spongy fat cock that’s been pumped until it’s ready to burst?  I’ve seen these things in action and they are pretty wild.  Maybe I’ll look for some hot penis pumping videos for a later post. The Wide Body Cylinder is designed for […]

Essentials: Masturbation Toys

National Masturbation Month continues and my quest is to bring you the best in masturbation assistance (other than my voice and pics, natch). Some great toys are highlighted in this video: Also, be sure to check out my favorite sex toys.

Essential: Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator

Being able to withstand extreme sensitivity is something all of you need to work on. It’s often my favorite challenge. This new masturbator will help with exactly that – especially if you are tied down and it is properly administered. Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator A little flexibility can be fun, from wacky drinking straws to […]

Essential: Tenga Soft Tube Cup

Let’s not forget about National Masturbation Month! In my ongoing quest to support your efforts to masturbate yourselves into a frenzy this month, here is another unique masturbation tool that should keep your throbbing cock productive. Tenga Soft Tube Cup Introduce yourself to the Tenga product line with the Soft Tube Cup masturbator, you’ll have […]

Essential: Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

In honor of National Masturbation Month, and my demanding travel schedule, I will be focusing some upcoming blog posts on masturbation accessories.  You and I both know that a healthy cock is better for all of us and a healthy cock is one that is stroked and pumped regularly.  Please do your part to help […]

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