One of those days….

I can’t stop watching these two…I wish I could see the entire unedited video (and hear the entire Kravitz album).  No tease nor denial here.

Good Clean Fun

I’m out of town for several days.  Until I return, enjoy my favorite kind of porn…voyeur porn. Whenever I stumble on a new seemingly private home video I’m so excited.  This one has all the qualities I like:  grainy black and white video, stationary camera and two people who want to fuck each other.  Looks […]

Excuse me while I do the dishes

That’s a hint to come fuck me.  Like this. Who says chores can’t be fun…especially with an interruption like this. I bet she planned it all along…slipped a viagra in his dinner earlier and now he can’t figure out why he’s got this raging hard on that won’t go down.  Poor guy is gonna have […]

Things I'm thankful for

Porn. Everyone likes a different style of porn and there’s plenty out there to suite us all.  Personally, I like porn to be amateurish, filmed on a stationary camera, grainy video and hopefully the result of two peoples’ lust for one another.  POV is only fun on great hj/bj vids (I’ve linked to a few […]

Sometimes you'd be asked to work

I wouldn’t care if you’re tired or not in the mood.  Sometimes you gotta fuck your lady right.  While I may seem difficult to tame, this technique is one of the ways to wipe that snotty smirk off my face for a while.  I’m liable to leave you alone the rest of the evening.

Cheating Girl?

Deliberately seeking out pleasure, hedonism.  I wonder if he’s her morning fuck or her afternoon fuck.  I wonder if her hubby sets up the cameras.  I wonder how many days this guy will show up for before he realizes he’s being used.  Totally.  He’s just “some dude”.

Afternoon sex…

Let it rain all day…. These two have so much fun playing…check them out.  Nervous chatter out of the way and let the real games begin. I’m inspired to buy some toys today…  I’ll update when I find something just perfect…. Update:  gotten nowhere on toy shopping.  Been lost in porn, filing this one away […]

I'm in a mood

I’m in a mood tonight….want to get my satisfaction and get on with it.  I don’t care much about your needs, it’s all about mine.  I’ve had one of those days at work so I would love to take it out on some poor guy.  This woman is cold and brutal as she straps one […]

More vanilla sex…can you blame me?

Summer is winding into autumn and that makes me think of hearty things like butternut squash soup, roasted turkey, and……..vanilla sex.  These two are young and cute, she’s sassy and bossy….a domina before she knows it.    He provides moral support as she reaches for what she needs.… Check out my Niteflirt profile.  It’s live […]

It's very simple…

Being in charge of hard cocks all day makes a girl tired.  Truthfully, once I unwrap my hand from your jerking toy, I love to be relaxed and be pampered by some warm hands, a bottle of oil, and a re-invigorated cock.  Act like you have all the time in the world.    Massage me […]

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