Cock Milking Toys for 2015

Let’s get 2015 started right. If you and I speak regularly, chances are I’ve asked you about your inventory – sex toys you may have laying around that we can play with. If Santa didn’t bring you what you need this year, you should procure some of the basics. Start with a ball stretcher or […]

Misplaced Vibrator

What drew me to this video initially was all the red. Red rope, red latex strips, red latex gloves, red vibrator. There’s something about a boy in red, compromised. Evokes a fallen superhero. Me triumphant. The almost complete lack of stroke is what made his O so hot. But let’s be real, that vibe could […]

Summer Enjoyment – hand domination

Summertime is the perfect time to brush up on your stud training.  Starting with a few lessons on what you may have to endure.  I present exhibits one and two. A series of enduring handjobs, forced orgasms and post orgasm torture. Both of these women are kindred spirits.  Aren’t they? We have seen this last […]

Latex Handjob

Another perfect video that carries all the elements I’m looking for in proper stud training….The ball separation (so delicious I could slip them right in my mouth), latex gloves and a squirming boy gagged and whimpering. Are you just like this? Perhaps you need some stud training. Good news: I’m recruiting.   Just more handjob […]

You might not make it

When I think of what makes a hot hand job, I usually say worlds like “slow” and “deliberate”.  I’d also like to add a few more:  “almost 40 minutes long”.  This almost always necessitates restraints of some kind, but those are just details…. Surely you wouldn’t make it. Ms. Sadie is so sensual, so slow, […]

Tied-up cock tease is the best kind of torture

Um, somebody at The Stockroom has been reading my mind.  One of their newest products is the Bree Olson Cyberskin Tit Job Stroker.  From their site: Everyone loves a nice firm pair of boobs, and now you can really love Bree Olson’s scrumptious set of 34D tits with this high quality CyberSkin masturbator. Bree’s boobs are cast […]

Milking cock drop by drop

If we talk, you probably know about my desire to force you to release one squirt at a time.  Mostly I want to hear you do that – the sound of that struggle is what I’m after. This nurse takes a somewhat professional approach – and ruins three orgasms milking his cock.  So while you are […]

Forced milking – by hand or by machine? You choose.

I’m enjoying my weekend and hopefully spending most of my time indulging.  Gym this morning, mani-pedi later this afternoon and this evening who knows…. I’m still in the midst of my shoe fetish stage and I can’t stop buying them.  This week I was treated to the sexiest pair of heels – and they will […]

Cock Control while Suspended

I was thinking today that it’s pretty amazing that you can not only be a fan of this site and return over and over to “read” the thoughtful stuff I say but you can also talk to me.  Hear my voice.  Make me laugh.  Show me that you know where I’m cumming from – pun […]

Teasing between the thighs

How 0ften over the past 6 weeks have you checked this site to see if I have posted an update?  Did you hurry home after work with a half-throbbing boner in your pants?  Were you hoping to see an update from me – trying desperately to keep your dick from getting too hard in case […]

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