Cock Harness Handjob

I talk about cock harnesses a lot and I like them for a variety of reasons.  I like how it puts the cock on display and keeps it rigid yet restrained.  I like that it looks so fucking macho.  I like that when it’s worn, the bulge in your pants is undeniable.  I like that […]

Tease training a cock

Had a great weekend and will enjoy most of the rest of the year on vacation from work (YES!) and I’ll be up to no good.  The last two weeks of the year are always filled with all types of hedonistic activities….think about it. This poor guy is just strung up so these girls can […]

Two Finger Tease

This is probably one of the hottest vids I’ve seen in a while.  I get to see a very vulnerable and private moment while a boy is slowly and delicately teased into a throbbing eruption.  You can see his balls flex and release, his muscle sliding under his skin, his hips and abs flexing and […]

Long tease and denial gets rewarded

I’m traveling again this week so you’ll have to do without me for a few days.  Once again I’m going to stare guys down as they watch my breasts jiggle on the runway.  I have a deep v-neck sweater planned for just that purpose today. Since you will clearly suffer without me (and without release) […]

Begging in the bathroom

I often get great video links from my callers and this one was provided by my darling Sam. I’m the ultimate cock tease and controller so this video is perfect for me.  This is the kind of cock ownership I like.  She walks right up to him and pulls his cock out and he has […]

How does this one end?

If she had my voice it could be me. Eerie.  Another perfect teasing handjob.  I like how she keeps repeating “that’s fucked up” in referring to what she was doing to him.  That’s something I would say. So I’m curious how part 2 (if there is one) of this video would pan out for our […]

In your pants

This is what I’m hoping happens to you You know I love it when you jack off in your pants….except you’re talking to me when it happens.  It’s just something you can’t control and your excitement just gets the best of you. In thinking about frustration, I imagine that having to wear an extender or […]

Do you have a jock harness?

Once again, my life has taken over and limited my attention to this site (and my readers).  I hope that you’ve been able to sustain yourself with the archives.  And by sustaining, I mean obsessing.  If you find a post with a dead link, please leave me a comment so I can go back and […]

Another Masterpiece

Now that you are dreaming of stroking you can watch Klixen do it again.  I’ve received such positive responses  to my Klixen posts…  The way she moves her fingers is divine.  Kindred spirit, I like to say.  Remember, no touching while you watch this.  Just feel the pressure build. Edit:  It seems that the video […]

A random guy

Not so random.  She chose him because he’s one of those bulls that can perform.  He knows he’s banging another man’s wife and she loves being the sexiest woman alive for that moment.   Lucky for us she loves to document her exploits on film. Part 1 I need a hubby…who goes away a lot. […]

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