You might not make it

When I think of what makes a hot hand job, I usually say worlds like “slow” and “deliberate”.  I’d also like to add a few more:  “almost 40 minutes long”.  This almost always necessitates restraints of some kind, but those are just details…. Surely you wouldn’t make it. Ms. Sadie is so sensual, so slow, […]

Two Finger Tease

This is probably one of the hottest vids I’ve seen in a while.  I get to see a very vulnerable and private moment while a boy is slowly and delicately teased into a throbbing eruption.  You can see his balls flex and release, his muscle sliding under his skin, his hips and abs flexing and […]

Long tease and denial gets rewarded

I’m traveling again this week so you’ll have to do without me for a few days.  Once again I’m going to stare guys down as they watch my breasts jiggle on the runway.  I have a deep v-neck sweater planned for just that purpose today. Since you will clearly suffer without me (and without release) […]

In your pants

This is what I’m hoping happens to you You know I love it when you jack off in your pants….except you’re talking to me when it happens.  It’s just something you can’t control and your excitement just gets the best of you. In thinking about frustration, I imagine that having to wear an extender or […]

Fun in the shower

Had a hot shower this afternoon…you know, one of those long steamy showers where I drain all the hot water and tend to my hedonist desires. I felt so good coming out of the shower that I snapped a few pictures to share. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. Click […]

I imagine this for you

Pack yourself in.  I wish to assume that all men I see are restrained in their pants with one of these.  That makes me much more likely to flash my breast or my thigh at you.  I know that you’ll strain in that tight package, needing to explode.  Your need to release fires my need […]

Call me demanding….

And just call. NF has been down for several days, and they don’t expect the updated site to be back up for another week.  The good news is that the Beta site is up and working.  You can link directly to it by clicking below. View my Niteflirt Profile to see my ads and call […]

If he could get free

What on earth would he do?  I can’t even imagine…but probably similar to releasing a bull from his pen. She teases him and maintains pretty amazing self control — she never lets him touch.  I know I would have quickly settled my ass on his face and made myself comfortable.  I  understand the complete denial […]

Softest resting spot

I’ve been gone for a few days and have been unable to satisfy my desires…surrounded by men for three days.  I could feel many of them concealing their enormous, uncomfortable erections around me — unable to control their cocks.  I deliberately fostered some squirming…if they only knew how wet it made me. Mesmerized by this […]

Delicate Work

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you never want to stroke too hard….just a nice, slow pace to keep his rhythm just below what he needs.  He’ll get his release eventually, but it’s up to me to decide the pace and timing.  Today i prefer slow. I love seeing it jerk in her barely-there still hand. […]

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